$2,495.00 AUD


Schools in Australia: Online Programme [FULL academic year]

School staff gain access to our online programme which allows children to learn and practice a plethora of effective breathwork techniques.

The programme includes:

Bite-sized breath practices to learn throughout the entire academic year.

Drip fed course on a weekly basis to help fully implement the programme.

Downloadable scripts to use at home or within school newsletter.

Downloadable breath exercises and resources for the classroom.

Access to online resources.

Access to certified breath coaches for professional advice on functional breathing.

Receive support from our School Breathe Team.

Create a calmer + happier classroom. 




What People Are Saying:

I am very happy to say, at the end of last year I conducted a survey with the children who I had been teaching breathwork to and it was an overwhelming positive response. When I showed this to the head of the school, she was very happy and has given the green light for me to teach Breathwork to all of year 5 and 6 this year (nearly 200 kids!!) So I am very excited to say the least.

Mrs Dadley, Primary School Teacher + School Breathe Breath Coach St Stephen's School

A year 3 child brought this to show me today. Inspired by the School Breathe breath exercises, she made a "Breathing Game" at home, to play with her friends. The different colours are the different School Breathe exercises, which they must do when they land on the coloured sticks. This just shows the impact that the School Breathe programme is having here in school and that the children are also taking it home.

Mrs Bird Alexandra School

I think I've just entered the calmest classroom in the country.

Helen Needham, Producer, BBC Radio 4

Breathwork really helps us calm down a lot and learning new and different kinds of breathwork can help in any situation at anytime.

Alex, aged 7