Breath Detective with Stuart Sandeman 

Week 2: Breath Awareness

This week, the children will deepen their awareness of their breath and how they breathe. This technique can help children feel calmer, more present and less distracted.  It can bring their awareness to how unique their breath pattern is - and in turn they will realise how unique they are too.

For teachers, and older children in school, you may like to know Stuart Sandeman is a renowned breath coach for Nike and England's football team and a DJ for BBC Radio 1. He has curated a series for the Decompression Sessions on BBC Sounds, featuring relaxing music centered around....the breath! We encourage you to find a moment to tune in.

Downloadable Script
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Benefits of the practice

  • Brings you into the present moment
  • Deepens awareness of the breath
  • Encourages a slower pace to the breath
  • Encourages nasal breathing

Habit Anchors (when to practise)

  • Beginning of the day
  • Before tests/exams
  • After lunch to create a calm environment



Tweak the Technique

"Tweak the Technique" offers a dynamic twist to our weekly breath exercises, designed to captivate children's interest and maintain their engagement. Each week, this variation introduces a fresh approach or perspective to the fundamental breathing practices, building curiosity and creativity. Whether it's exploring unique breath patterns, refining nose breathing techniques, or experimenting with breath counting, "Tweak the Technique" encourages children to actively participate in their breathwork journey while discovering new dimensions of mindfulness and wellbeing.


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Kerry Snell, Primary School Teacher + School Breathe Breath Coach, Cliff Lane Primary School

"I've started teaching breathwork classes to the children twice a week and the feedback has been amazing! Our headteacher now wishes to roll out breathwork classes next year."

Headteacher, Bellfield Primary School, Birmingham

"We have been using School Breathe techniques after lunch at least 1 or 2 afternoons a week during wellbeing time. These work really well when we need to talk to a child who is is angry or upset."

Miss Wilson, Lauriston School, London

"The children LOVED these classes. We have implemented a 5 minute daily practice after registration."