With research proving the physical, mental and emotional benefits of a short regular breathwork practice, we are passionate about introducing children to scientifically proven, engaging and life-enhancing breathing techniques and exercises at school.

Based in the United Kingdom, and reaching worldwide classrooms, School Breathe is a Community Interest Company striving to improve wellbeing in schools.  

Schools in deprived areas are seeking sponsorship to access our transformative programme for their children and their staff.


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Who is School Breathe for?

School Staff

for teachers and school staff working in educational settings

We offer INSET Days, Staff Wellbeing Workshops and comprehensive Breath Coach Training for individuals aspiring to become dedicated in-school breath coaches. Our training programme empowers you to teach children the benefits of healthy breathing habits. By integrating scientifically proven breathwork practices into the school day, you can create a calmer, more focused learning environment that enhances students' overall educational experience.

You'll learn to equip children with life-enhancing breath techniques that help them self-regulate their emotions, improve their concentration, and boost their confidence and self-esteem. These practices benefit the students academically and support their emotional and mental wellbeing.

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Primary + Junior Schools

whole school approach with online packages  + trainings

Throughout the academic year, primary and junior school children can learn over 40 scientifically proven breath techniques delivered in engaging, bite-sized 5-minute videos. Presented by a team of professional breath coaches, these research-based practices are taught in fun and easy-to-learn lessons. A regular short practice has been shown to enhance focus and attention, reduce stress and anxiety, boost physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing, and create a calmer classroom environment. The results have been outstanding!

We also offer a BreatheWell Bundle which includes our online programme PLUS training for a member of your staff to become an in-school breath coach, helping to further embed the programme and maximise its benefits.

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 training for those wishing to teach breathwork to children

Enhance your skill set and join a growing community of professionals dedicated to sharing breathwork techniques and exercises. These methods help children self-regulate, improve behavior, aid concentration and focus, and enhance their overall learning experience at school.

Our Breath Coach Training programme is perfect for educational psychologists, support officers, physiotherapists, and other professionals working in educational settings who wish to learn and teach the benefits of breathwork. This training not only elevates your professional capabilities but also opens new opportunities to set up after-school clubs, summer programmes, or specialised breath coaching sessions. This is a self-paced training with mentor support.

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 School Breathe on Radio 4

 Radio 4's Helen Needham visits Westdale Infant School, where children and teachers have been practising School Breathe techniques for over a year. Founder of School Breathe and author of Breathe Well, Aimee Hartley, is interviewed. Breath coach and School Breathe trainer, Hannah Goodman teaches one of our much loved techniques in 'An Almanac of Anxiety'. This 14 minute programme delves into the transformative effects of School Breathe's unique breathwork programme.

Listen to School Breathe on Radio 4

Watch our video and hear how the School Breathe programme is having a positive impact on children in schools. The positive impact our programme is having on schools has been featured in The Times and Radio 4. Click HERE to listen to the radio programme about children and teachers of Westdale Primary School.

To enable schools in deprived areas to access the breathwork programme for free, and to offer staff our breath coach training, please make a donation here:



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BreatheWell Bundle:

Online Programme + Training Package for whole school approach


"We love School Breathe. We are always recommending the online programme to other schools. This morning I mentioned you to our SEND Inclusion Partner for West Essex and she is going to share with other schools as we love it that much!" 

- Claire Jackman, Head Teacher, Great Easton School

Read About Our BreatheWell Bundle

"I've started teaching breathwork classes to the children twice a week and the feedback has been amazing! Our headteacher now wishes to roll out more breathwork classes next term".

Kerry Snell, Primary School Teacher & School Breathe Breath Coach, Cliff Lane Primary School, Ipswich


"I think I've just entered the quietest classroom in the United Kingdom". 

Helen Needham, Producer and Presenter, BBC Radio 4 visiting School Breathe School, Westdale Junior School in Nottingham. The full programme can be found on BBC Sounds.

"School Breathe creates a calmer learning environment, and helps children and staff in acute moments of stress and anxiety. The programme also offers long term and permanent improvements for self-regulation."

Tim Harrison, Wellbeing Practitioner & School Breathe Breath Coach, Bettws Lifehouse, Wales

Breath Coach Training

Become a dedicated in- school breath coach. Learn invaluable breath exercises for pupils and yourself to  experience the mental, physical and emotional benefits of learning to breathe well. Our BreatheWell Bundle is available for schools wishing to join our online programme and train a staff member to become an in-school Breath Coach.

Breath Coach Training: Information + Prices
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from £495

online + in person

  • From Staff Wellbeing Workshops to whole school approach programmes, whereby all staff members are offered expert breathwork education and gain access to our key breath exercises for a calmer classroom.
  • Breath exercises and routine for teachers for self-development.
  • Access to scientifically proven breath exercises to use in class and with individual pupils.
  • Learn to teach breath exercises to children for self regulation, better focus, concentration and improved cognitive function.
  • Downloadable breath exercises, scripts and resources for the classroom.
  • Access to online resources.
  • Fantastic opportunity to access the Online Programme and Breath Coach Training for a package price.
  • Scientifically proven breath exercises to help children improve their ability to learn well.
  • Email us today [email protected] for full information.
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Online Programme

from £595

half + full academic year

  • From Pilot Programmes to a whole school approach whereby a selected number of staff members¬†gain access to our online breathwork programme.¬†
  • 45 bite-sized breath practices to learn throughout the academic year. Drip fed course on a weekly basis to help fully implement the programme.
  • Downloadable scripts to use at home or within your school's newsletter.¬†
  • Downloadable¬†breath exercises and resources¬†for the classroom.
  • Access to certified breath coaches for professional advice on functional breathing.
  • Receive support from our School Breathe Team
  • Create a calmer¬†+ happier classroom.
  • Join the package programme and allocate a member of staff to train as an in-school breath coach.
  • Scientifically proven breath exercises to help children improve their¬†ability to learn well.
  • Email us today [email protected] for full info.
Online Programme Info + Prices

Breath Coach Training


teach breathwork to children

  • Become a certified School Breathe Breath Coach.
  • Help children to self-regulate their emotions through simple, effective breath practices.
  • Learn about dysfunctional breath¬†patterns in children and how this can affect their ability to learn well.
  • Have a personal mentor who can support you through your learning journey.¬†
  • Learn to teach scientifically proven breath techniques and¬†routines to children for optimum mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.¬†
  • Have a positive¬†impact on the educational system and teach tools for life¬†to future generations.¬†
  • Start a new career or enrich your existing vocation.
  • Click here to pay monthly instalments¬†(¬£65 per month)
  • Click here to pay quarterly (¬£196 per quarter) in full or pay quarterly payments.
  • Click here to pay in full¬†with a discounted rate¬†(¬£795)
  • Join a community who are passionate about the transformative effects of breathwork.¬†
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