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Unlock the transformative power of breathwork with our elite team of certified breath coaches, wellness professionals, and experts. Our online team is dedicated to enhancing education for both teachers and pupils, through specialised breathwork techniques.

Amongst a team of breath coaches and educators passionate about sharing the benefits of breathwork in schools, experience the expertise of Stuart Sandeman, the renowned breath coach for Nike and the England Football Team. We are privileged to have him lead our signature breath exercises, designed to boost breath awareness and promote calm. Discover the transformative benefits of breathwork!


Tailored Breathwork Programmes for Every School Budget


Join hundreds of teachers and wellbeing leads worldwide who have successfully implemented the School Breathe Programme. Our daily breath techniques have helped children improve concentration, practice self-regulation and cultivate feelings of calm. Experience the benefits for your classroom today!

From our Pilot Programme for schools wishing to trial breathwork in selected year groups, to comprehensive Breath Coach Training, INSET Days and a Teacher Wellbeing Series, School Breathe offers solutions to fit every budget.

School Breathe has been featured in The Guardian, The Times, Radio 4 and The Irish Times 

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Helen Needham, Radio 4 Presenter

"I think I've just stepped into the quietest classroom in the United Kingdom"

Pilot Programme


half academic year

  • Sign up to five staff members to the online programme.

  • Access to¬†the programme for half the academic year.
  • Proven breathwork techniques, audios and animations to play straight in class.
  • Resources for the classroom, including downloadable scripts and posters.
  • Access¬†cutting edge breathwork¬†exercises and techniques from leading breath coaches and educators.

Online Programme


most popular

  • Sign up for all¬†staff members for a full academic year.¬† ¬†
  • Access to the online programme on your desired starting date.
  • Downloadable resources and over 50 breath techniques to¬†play in class or assembly.
  • Learn the fundamentals of breathing well and have access to our community of breath coaches and educators.
  • Proven breathwork techniques and exercises to help improve children's wellbeing.

BreatheWell Bundle


whole school approach

  • All¬†staff members gain access to the online programme for a full academic year.
  • Allocate a¬†staff member¬†to¬†train as a¬†School Breathe Breath Coach¬†to implement the programme¬†for a¬†whole school approach.
  • Downloadable resources¬†for in school and at home learning.
  • Access to breathwork audios, videos and animations.
  • Learn¬†and train with our team of certified¬†breathwork educators.¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†