Become an in-school breath coach with our online training course. 


Change the lives of children and transform your educational setting by training as a School Breathe Breath Coach.

This self-paced training will teach you the foundations of a healthy breathing pattern, the different ways we breathe and how this affects the way we feel.  You will have access to our favourite breath exercises from School Breathe's online programme.

 Learn to teach scientifically proven breathwork techniques to help children understand how changing their breath pattern can transform the way they feel.  They can go from anxious to calm, distracted to focused and angry to peaceful, with a few guided breaths. 

Breath Coach Training Course 

Self-paced course for you to learn and experience the power of breathing techniques and exercises.

  • Learn and understand the importance of breathing well.
  • Experience the immediate benefits of scientifically proven breath techniques.
  • Join live breathwork sessions with School Breathe's breath coaches and develop your own breathwork routine. 
  • Access, learn and teach School Breathe's most popular and effective breath techniques.


Learn the history, anatomy and physiology of breathwork and read about the benefits of breathing practices can have on children's mental, physical and emotional well-being.


Learn the interconnectedness between the breath and how we think and feel. Access School Breathe's breath techniques to play straight to class and download scripts to teach to class. 


Experience guided breathwork with one of our breath trainers and be encourage to start and maintain your own breath practice. Learn breathwork routines for your class along with short, effective breath practices to use to calm everyday challenging situations.  

"I absolutely loved this course and am using it with the older children too.  I love to see their engagement and I find it thrilling that Y6 children choose to come to do this every Wednesday – this demonstrates a genuine enjoyment and a sense of placing importance on their own wellbeing. It is equipping them with vital skills that they can continue to use as they progress into Secondary education."

Ruth Ashworth, Primary School Teacher, Birmingham, UK

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Payment Plan


7 monthly payments

  • Immediate access to module 1 and the online School Breathe breath coach training videos

  • Access to 1 monthly group coaching call + breath workshop

  • Printable posters and scripts for class

  • Access to 6 week School Breathe online programme

  • Live phone + email support

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  • Immediate access    to module 1 and the online School Breathe breath coach training videos
  • Access to 1 monthly group call + breath workshop
  • Access to breath exercises    + downloadable support materials
  • Access to 6 week School Breathe online programme
  • Live phone + email support
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Support a School


sponsor a school or member of staff

  • Offer a member of staff or teacher to become a dedicated in-school breath coach
  • They will learn to teach essential, transformative breath exercises to children in class and within any educational setting
  •  Sponsor a school to gain access to the online school breathe programme
  • Either a small monthly commitment of a one off payment.
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