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School Breathe CIC Online Programme

"We love School Breathe. We are always recommending the online programme to other schools. This morning I mentioned you to our SEND Inclusion Partner for West Essex and she is going to share with other schools as we love it that much!"

- Claire Jackman, Head Teacher, Great Easton School


Breath Coach Training for school staff members

Become a dedicated in-school breath coach. In this self-paced training you will learn invaluable breath techniques, exercises and visualisations for pupils, and yourself, to experience the mental, physical and emotional benefits of learning to breathe well. You will be supported by a member of the School Breathe team throughout.


Free Breath Exercises

Calm Palms

Clean Hands Breathe

Receive a downloadable poster which teaches children, and adults, to take a few conscious breaths while they are washing their hands. This has been a very popular breath exercise which you can laminate and place around the school, to encourage regular hand washing with 

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Breath Detective with Stuart Sandeman

Receive a sample breath exercise from the School Breathe Online programme. This includes the technique presented by one of our breath coaches, some inspiration to 'tweak the technique' throughout the week, a downloadable poster and script to use at home or in school.  

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BreathScape: Audio Visual Breath Exercise

Receive a link to one of our BreathScapes videos for you and your class. Created for  older children (9 years +) to help them feel calm and relaxed and ready for learning. Great to practice before tests, or after lunch/registration. Beautiful scenery combined with conscious breath exercises. Teachers love this too!

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Breath Techniques To Share

Cooling Breath

The weather maybe warm, or sometimes the body heats up if we are feeling angry or frustrated. This cooling breath technique can help cool the body and the mind.  Practice a few rounds and notice the cool air entering the mouth. 

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Belly Breathe (animation)

A short breath exercise to encourage children and adults to use a belly breath (or diaphragmatic breath) when breathing. When we breathe in, the diaphragm should descend and the belly should rise. 

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Starfish Breathe

Slowing the breath rate down can help us nourish our nervous system. Breathing slowly in through the nose and out through the nose as you trace your finger from point to point of the starfish will help your mind and heart feel calm.

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